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House of Fraser Requisite Laced Mucker Boot

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The House of Fraser Requisite Laced Mucker Boots is a top-tier choice for equestrian enthusiasts. Designed to withstand the demands of horse riding, these boots offer both durability and comfort. In classic black and available in women’s size 5, they provide a secure fit and reliable performance for every ride.

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For equestrian enthusiasts seeking durability and reliability, The House of Fraser Requisite Laced Mucker Boots is the ultimate choice. Crafted to endure the rigors of horse riding, these boots combine practicality with comfort for prolonged hours in the saddle. Engineered with quality materials and meticulous design, they offer unparalleled support and protection. The sleek black exterior exudes timeless elegance, while the lace-up closure ensures a secure and customizable fit. Available in women’s size 5, these boots are a must-have for riders who demand nothing but the best.Requisite Laced Mucker Boots Requisite Laced Mucker Boots are super practical boots that are great for yard work, or walking the dog! These easy to wear boots have ridged soles which helps to prevent against slipping on wet surfaces, stylish faux fur trims, cosy synthetic fur linings, rubber foot parts which give the same protection as wellies, nylon upper ankle sections which are extremely comfortable and offer showerproof protection and lace up front fastenings. > Waterproof rubber foot parts > Showerproof nylon uppers > Textured sole > Cosy synthetic fur linings > Stylish faux fur trims > Lace up front fastenings > Requisite branding


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